STONES CORNER: Independence Day

My Prestigious Followers

Before you hoist the flag on National day
Before you address the mob on National day
Before you sing the anthem on National day
Before you distribute sweets on National day

Before you send the first message on National day
Before you place that fancy sticker of the national Flag on your car
Before you send those bulk messages to all people in your address book

Take some time to think.....

What have you acheived for the country

What have you done to your country men

Do you know what the flag means

Do you understand the national anthem

Close your eyes for a moment, think about your nation,do you honor its laws

If you have no respect for your country, traditions, culture and history, you have no reason to show any special respect for your flag over any other piece of cloth, but if you have respect for your country, treating the flag appropriately is a manifestation of that.

Be proud of your nation...


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